Fahrenheit Mentoring

Fahrenheit Mentoring trains and equips people to mentor and develop authentic relationships that have a direct and lasting impact, ultimately helping others know God personally.

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Ignite Ministries

Ignite Ministries believes in the power of Christ-centered fellowship and raising our boys together into men of valor. Ignite Ministries offers father/son camps, outreach projects, and beneficial resources.

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Workmatters Institute

The Workmatters Institute is a faith and leadership development program for early-career professionals interested in integrating their faith and work. Regardless of industry or sphere, embracing the whole story of God is the key to conquering the practical challenges of growing a career and growing leaders who have eternal impact on the world.

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Faith in Business

Faith in Business Series was created to encourage business leaders to utilize their platform to live out their faith. This is a forum to help Christian business owners fellowship, network and share best practices for transformational servant leadership and to learn to better integrate faith into their spheres of influence while promoting the personal and professional growth of those around them.

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Family ID

Family ID helps families discover their unique identity and vision. They equip families to pass on that identity and vision to current and future generations by putting it into writing. Most importantly, they develop leaders to expand God's restoration of the family.

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Global Leadership Network

The Global Leadership Network is a community committed to learning from each other and using our influence to accomplish God’s purposes on earth. Both the website and the two-day Leadership Summit every August offer an infusion of fresh  ideas, actionable concepts, leadership principles and heartfelt inspiration from many of the most prominent thought-leaders of our day.

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Follower of One

Follower of One shares the heart of CBMC - seeing businesspeople carry the hope of Christ into the marketplace. Through tools and resources, as well as their popular virtual mission trips, they equip you to go to work 'on mission,' actively creating an environment for the gospel to be shared.

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CBMC is a national ministry with the two-fold mission to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professionals and to develop Christian businessmen to carry out the Great Commission. With an arsenal of resources and a network of teams around the nation, CBMC works to accelerate professionals toward business goals and personal growth with a Biblical approach.

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True North

True North Ministries orients men to WALK with God, ENGAGE in the larger story, and LIVE free. Men need to be better: better husbands, better fathers, better men. We will facilitate the sharing of experiences to promote a deeper, more fulfilling life that can only be found in Jesus Christ – the ultimate man. The mission of True North is to create environments where men can hear from God!

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