You (Timothy), however, have followed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness. – 2 TIMOTHY 3:10

For us to reach men at a heart level we must speak to their needs, struggles, hopes, and dreams or we may never reach them. Even worse, we may lose some of them. From my own personal experience and through my work with men as a mentor, I have made a list of some things men struggle with or deal with in their families. The enemy is very deliberate in attacking men in these areas, and as long as men are caught up in their own junk, they will not have the strength, desire, or perspective to live out the calling of God on their lives. Here are some common struggles:

  1. Not understanding what manhood is
  2. Social anxiety: Not knowing how to connect with other men other than surface conversations
  3. Sexual lust in many forms and the patterns men fall into, even in healthy marriages
  4. Depression: They either do not understand it or do not believe they can be honest with others about it, especially if they are in a leadership role
  5. Alcoholism and drug use: good men who take care of their families
  6. Loneliness
  7. Mental illness
  8. Financial issues
  9. Lack of understanding in how to lead his family
  10. Lack of understanding of how to lead his wife
  11. Lack of understanding in how to personally connect with his children
  12. Family dysfunction from childhood that still has a hold of him, many times connected with a father
  13. Sexual identity
  14. Lack of understanding of healthy assertiveness. The norm is passive or aggressive.
  15. Avoidance of uncomfortable conversations
  16. Fear of change, failure, future, and measuring up to other men and society
  17. Living in a state of shame and guilt
  18. Misunderstanding of the attributes of God
  19. Studying the Bible and applying it to his life with authority
  20. Not seeing an opportunity to lead within the church
  21. Work stress
  22. The various ways Covid has impacted our society
  23. Feelings of being stuck, not known, misunderstood

… and there are many more that are not included on this list

Mentoring is not a title to be gained to add to a resume. It is a relationship that can deeply impact men so families are not destroyed. Mentoring changes lives! It is a natural step toward true discipleship. To be handed the privilege of helping someone develop a strong commitment toward being discipled to know Christ, there has to be a solid foundation established. Mentoring is the foundation for discipling and the key to authentic relationships.

Think and pray
Do you have someone in your life that you would consider a mentor?

Father, I recognize the need to do life with others, and to share successes and struggles in a way that is authentic. Father, help me to find someone who can do that with me, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Chris Elledge is the CEO/Founder of Fahrenheit Mentoring. He has a passion for mentoring men. His goal is to encourage and challenge men to become authentic leaders in their families, the workplace, and in their faith communities. To our more visit: