Sasha Tsutserov grew up in Moscow, Russia during the Cold War. During its 70+ years of Communist rule, Russia had lost virtually all traces of Christianity, so Sasha was raised as an atheist. As a young adult, he became a member of the Communist Party and secured a position in the KGB. He had a beautiful wife Natasha, a precious daughter Julia, good friends, a bright future, and all that he dreamed of as a young man.

Julia befriended an American girl whose father was a missionary in Moscow. Soon after, Natasha was engaged as their private Russian language tutor. As a KGB agent, Sasha felt obligated to investigate these foreigners his daughter had befriended and his wife was now working with. He was awestruck by the humanitarian aid distributed by their church, and was irresistibly drawn to their joy for life, for each other, and for the Lord.

What happened next was life-changing – for Sasha and thousands of others. Enjoy this episode of the Red Letter Business podcast and tune in every other week for another personal story of a practical faith in the marketplace.


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