See it again - Prayer for OKC from the 7th Generation



But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect ... 1 Peter 3:15

Being prepared to give an answer is so much more than memorizing John 3:16 and call it good. Being prepared is multi-faceted.

Being prepared starts with your heart. This verse calls us to revere Christ as Lord. Preparation to give an answer begins in fellowship with Christ. This means a daily, active, and engaged relationship with Him. Listening and knowing His voice as He guides you through your life. Actively listening to Him through His Word. Submitting yourself in obedience to His word. Allowing His peace to come on you in the power of the Holy Spirit. This preparation is critical in giving an answer because you personally can never have an effect to convict or convince a person of their sin and life in Christ. But ... when they see the presence of God in you, the miracle and work of the Spirit can work powerfully through you.

Being prepared requires margin. You must have adequate margin in your day to make time for others in service and conversation. Are you hurried in your day? Are you existing from one meeting and activity to the next? When you are asked to give the reason, will you see, be ready and make time, or are you in a hurry to do something else? People see your motives clearly. Slow down. Be available. There is no bigger priority in your day than to speak about what Jesus has done and point others to Him. And God is faithful - He will multiply the hours in your day!

Being prepared through building a reputation. Everyone of us is building a reputation. Little by little, piece by piece, over the years. Are you building a reputation of trust with the people you work with? How are you known? How do you want to be known? Are you the guy whom people know they can confide in when they don’t know where to turn? This takes consistency and persistence with intentionality over the course of years. Practice listening, ask questions, show concern - every day. Over time as trust is built, others will ask to know your secret and then they will truly listen.

Being prepared through prayer. Are we truly asking God to order the priorities of our day? What are the priorities of our Father? Ask Him, and then don't be surprised when the top of His list is “feed my sheep!”

Think and pray
Praying that God would use us to engage with someone at work or to put a name on our heart is powerful. But when you pray this prayer, be prepared! He will answer every time! Are you ready?

Father, thank You for the hope of salvation that we have through Your Son Jesus Christ. Give me an eagerness and readiness to share that hope with others as well. Establish the pace of my work week so I don't miss the opportunities You present, and then give me the words to share. In Jesus' name, amen.

Marty Hepp is Chairman of CEC Corporation, a civil engineering firm headquartered in Oklahoma City. Marty writes marketplace devotionals for CBMC while also leading a weekly CBMC Connect3 team and facilitating a Young Professionals group as well. Marty serves on the Area Leadership Team for CBMC in Oklahoma as well as the national Board for CBMC-USA. His passion is developing leaders who disciple men to maturity in Christ.