And He was saying to them all, ‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me
— LUKE 9:23

Jesus calls each of us to a process of brokenness and surrender. Brokenness is the result of God’s working to bring me to the end of my resources. I am empty and have nothing else to offer. Surrender is a personal choice that we all have the option to make. Although it will be difficult, surrender will always lead us to Christ and in Him will be the right path. “The man or woman who is wholly or joyously surrendered to Christ can’t make a wrong choice—any choice will be the right one” (A. W. Tozer).

Surrender is more than just giving up and letting go. We actually surrender to someone and we submit to another’s authority. That “someone” is Christ and submitting to His authority means that we follow His will and desire. God holds the conditions of surrender. Surrender is a necessity in our Christian walk and growth. And, as painful as it will be, God’s grace and mercy to minister to us will overcome the greatest affliction.

Surrender is not a one-time event—it is an ongoing process. In Luke 9:23, Jesus indicates that surrender is a daily process. As we grow and mature, we will find that surrender becomes a moment-by-moment process. This surrender releases the Spirit of Christ through us bless to others. When we are weak, Christ is made strong and goes to work. “The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender” (William Booth).

Think and pray
What are you holding on to? Is there something in your life you are unwilling to surrender? Be careful; if you insist on holding on to anything, in the end it will own you. God demands full surrender, so hold all things loosely.

“The full acting out of the self’s surrender to God therefore demands pain: this action, to be perfect, must be done from the pure will to obey, in the absence, or in the teeth, of inclination.” — C. S. Lewis

Heavenly Father, I choose again now to surrender my will to You. Help me to trust only in You rather than my own understanding, and experience the joy and fruit that only You can produce through me. Amen.

Bruce Witt began his career in marketing for Shell Oil Company, then joined CBMC where he directed the U.S. field operations and authored several key curricula for the ministry, including the Operation Timothy spiritual development series. In 2008, Bruce formed Leadership Revolution in order to establish a process that would help leaders truly allow Christ to be their leader. You can find him at