We all know the story of Adam and Eve. They forfeited perfection for a crafty lie, and the consequences continue to today. And it wasn’t just them. We, too, buy into various lies that cause us to forfeit the fullness that Jesus offers. Consider some of the ways Satan works to silence our voice so we don’t reflect God’s character through our creativity. Not known as a fair fighter, he will use variations of the following insecurities to stifle our creativity.

Comparison. Nothing squelches creativity quicker than comparison. Social media especially provides a larger database for inspiration while at the same time reminding you there are many other talented people in the world. When you see others reaching a certain level of ‘success’ in a similar area as yours, it can make your effort seem futile.

Busyness. The preferred excuse for many of us that causes creativity to cease in our lives. As we become adults, we often view our imaginations to be in direct conflict with our obligations and responsibilities instead of as a system with checks and balances that keeps us healthy.

Perfection. In a world of selfies, the pressure to capture the perfect angle and lighting and apply the ideal filter can start to feel unattainable. With hundreds of Instagram accounts with crisp and clear photos with smart captions and hashtags, that blurry and lopsided picture our grandparents would have proudly passed around and called a Kodak moment seems foolish and unworthy.

The importance of pursuing creativity in our everyday lives…

Discovery. Those who create have to constantly push themselves to discover new depths and facets of life and God. Creativity without God is void and hopeless, but those who seek their inspiration in God will find unlimited beauty and hope. That revelation will spill out into the work of your hands for others to see.

Obedience. The world might demand perfection for us to have a successful internet presence, but God only requires obedience. He gives us friendships, marriage, and kids not so we can hide behind the perfectly staged Instagram-worthy picture, but for him to show the world that his love doesn’t give up regardless of the messiness of everyday life. Our imperfections are a beautiful image that we get to use to reflect God’s perfect love for us.

Uniqueness. God created us each uniquely and does not believe in measuring our talent through standardized tests. Even if every blogger wrote a piece on the same topic, you would have no two blog posts that perfectly resembled each other. Our personalities and life experiences give us different filters through which we see the world. The way we raise children, paint a landscape, take a picture, or cook a meal all declares God’s creativity in forming us. Allow Biblical principles to inspire you to use your unique talents and perspective to create new expressions of timeless truths.

We all add a piece to the puzzle to show off God’s character. My question to you is, what is your outlet? Ask God to reveal any lies you have believed that suppress your creativity. Invite others into your creative journey to help keep you accountable to grow and to encourage others.

Think and Pray

Don’t underestimate what God has placed in you, and don’t wait for the perfect conditions or perfect filter to share your creativity. Find moments in your week to gaze on God’s beauty and soak in his goodness so that your life overflows with him to a world in dire need of his hope. The world needs your voice.

Lord, help me to not be consumed by how others view me or think of me, but rather be the confident image-bearer that You made me to be. Show me how to develop and express my creativity in a way that brings You glory. Amen.

Used by permission. This article first appeared on Bridging the Gap and was written by guest contributor Joy Cassellius.