I am the poet.

Utilizing one infinite resource—and with it writing, speaking, and singing. These weightless bricks that have founded civilizations.
These formless armies have conquered generations.
They are ... words.
Thoughts that are blown from the wind of my soul,
filtered by lenses of beauty and sorrow to verbalize a sonic sensation.
To make the immaterial perception a physical interpretation.
Words. Written language, enunciated interaction.

All societies, each culture, every person, the human race ... is distinct. Alienated from the other created by the innate creativity of language. No greater medium of expression exists than the canvas on our lips, pouring forth their syllabic color.

Words ... our connection to one another.

I am Moses.
My stuttering voice cracked like the whips on those Egyptian slaves.
But my words weren’t vain like the glory of Pharaoh’s state.
For the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob gave me His own words to speak. His promise leading them to their promised home,
His words then written upon two tablets of stone.
And this Divine Legality, this solidified scripture, this Law,
Connects man back to morality.

I am David.
Before I led a nation, I guided my flock of Psalms to the heights.
Before I launched stones at Goliath I sent songs to the skies.
Long before I sat on Israel’s throne, I knelt in the pastures of His presence. These Psalms, these worshipful words, are my connection to the heavens.

I am Paul.
After my blindness gave true sight of celestial light, I taught the meaning of heaven’s revelations,
I jotted Jehovah’s justice on papers positioned for doctrinally parched persons.

I sought theological truth for gentiles, the hopeless who, now purified by faith, have been provided a justice of grace.
These epistles, words of guiding correction, aid the Church to strengthen its restored connection.

I ... am Jesus.
My words said, “Let there be light.”
My Word came to the blind saying, “Let my loving eyes be your first sight.”

My Word was the original sound in the deaf man’s ears.
My Word found the lost, calling them in the soft whisper saying, “I’m here.” From “Let there be,” to “It is finished,”
From “In the beginning,” through Revelation,
My voice is not confined by the hallways of time.
My Word both fashioned and upholds the foundation of creation.

When I first spoke, all things entered existence, except for you.
For not my Word, but my hands, wove you intricately from the ground.
The first sound you heard was a conversation. Not my voice only, yours too. You were not formed by my Word, because I instead placed it inside you.

You did not create these words—it is a borrowed heritage.
I am the cause of communication—You see, I inspired language.
I established the etymology of linguistics, of every phonetic feature you’ve heard.

I removed my celestial crown.
I embraced flesh and found my eternal home in solid bone.
I am the Word.
Know this, I, Jesus, am now Man’s connection to heaven.

I am the genesis of your story. I ensure your exodus from the grave. I am the King who created your ability to create.

I am the psalm forever sung
By every shepherd king kneeling
My heart, the primordial drum
That for your heart is forever beating

Not trapped in red ink worded philology, I am connectivity’s Author.
I am more than academic theology, I am the revealed image of the Father.

My eternal voice of love is rooted in every syllable you’ve ever heard.
And we are a people, who glorify His name with every broken, spoken word.

Kyle McCarty is a spoken word artist in Oklahoma City whose work inspires and challenges audiences to pursue a relationship with the God of the Bible. His artistic ministry serves to create divine moments for people to encounter their Father’s heart.