See it again - Prayer for OKC from the 7th Generation



You should mind your own business ... so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders – 1 THESSALONIANS 4:11-12

Are you borrowing trouble? Nudging your nose where it need not be? Are you failing to mind your own business and as a result you are bringing on unnecessary stress?

There has never been a leader like King Josiah. He turned to the Lord in all he did with all his heart, soul and strength. He did things the Lord’s way. He followed completely by not turning to the right or to the left. He led with passion and brought about many amazing reforms in his day. Wow! What a guy!

But one day, one day, he somehow got distracted. He got ahead of himself, and in his zeal, overstepped despite his best intentions.

Josiah invited himself to an unnecessary battle. King Necho had a beef to settle in Cachemish, and for some reason, Josiah thought he too had a dog in the hunt and went out to meet and oppose King Necho.

Why? Necho had no issues with Josiah. He even asked him if there was some unknown issue between them. Necho assured Josiah he did not come to attack his people. Necho very pointedly rebuked Josiah and informed him that God had given him orders to fulfill and it was in Josiah’s best interest not to get in the way.

Uncharacteristically, Josiah did not heed the warning. He refused to listen and went so far as to disguise himself and pretended to be someone he wasn’t. He stepped out of his calling and stepped into a battle not of his own.

The whole scenario was unnecessary and a huge distraction from all the good the Josiah had done. What was he thinking? Had he misunderstood God’s leading? Did a moment of pride fog his vision? Did he feel he had something to prove? Whatever it was, he paid the ultimate price to engage in unnecessary business. He was wounded on the battlefield and as a result a great king lost his life.

How about you? Are you fighting battles you need not fight? Have you reached outside your calling or crossed over onto a lane outside of your own? Are you trying to be someone you aren’t meant to be? Does your yoke feel heavy?

Pause and take a look at the battles you are fighting. Are they your battles to fight?

Think and pray

Stay focused. Keep the main thing the main thing and don’t borrow trouble that is not your own. Mind your own business and steer clear of battles that take you out of your lane and calling.

Lord, help me to know Your purpose for my life and to fully commit to the work You have given me. Give me discernment and contentment so as not to involve myself in unnecessary affairs. Amen.

(Inspired by 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35)

Ray Sanders is recognized as a passionate CEO, a leader of leaders, a white-board aficionado and an innovative growth strategist with a heart for purpose-driven cultures and values-based leadership development. He is CEO of Coaching Leaders and Edify Leaders, and a volunteer leader of CBMC’s Trusted Advisor Forum for solopreneurs in Oklahoma City. Catch his blog at