By Joe Pettigrew

There is an old saying, "If you know no opposition, it's because you stand for nothing!"

There is not a person who has ever made a difference and stood for something that has not had those who have been against them. If you believe and stand for something, it is guaranteed that you will face opposition. And it seems the more significant the cause for which you stand, the greater the opposition. I have recently experienced that in my ministry.

In Jesus' life, he faced significant opposition. Most would have assumed that those who gave Him the greatest amount of resistance, should have been those who were glad that He came. Jesus came with a purpose that did not fit into the religious atmosphere of that day ... so they strongly opposed Him and sought to kill Him.

Jesus told His disciples that they could expect the world, and even the religionists, to stand against them if they follow Him. We can expect no different treatment than they gave Him. It is the methodology of the enemy to oppose those who are faithfully following Christ. The devil believes by using various means to turn up the heat; it will cause us to give in and to quit.

Why isn't the door to victory easy? God places obstacles in your path to give you strength. "Wheaties" are not the breakfast of champions – giants are.

Think and Pray

God wants you to feed upon your difficulties and depend upon Him to make you a conqueror.

Lord, help me remember that You have already determined the outcome to every battle I face. Give me the strength to stand firm on that truth, in Your power, and for Your glory. Amen.

Joe Pettigrew is a respected authority on the issues affecting Christian businessmen and executives. He is an executive coach, professional speaker, and founder of Leaderpoint, an international leadership-coaching firm. He also serves as the President of In The Zone Ministries, and is the co-author of Living Life in the Zone: A 40-Day Spiritual Gameplan for Men.