… for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

Contentment is an attitude of wanting what I have versus having what I want. It is not found in the abundance or lack of material goods; it is developed as a mental attitude. We are not born content, but rather it is a learned behavior. The opposite of being content is being discontent, and this is an epidemic of our culture. We are consumed by trying to acquire, to be somebody, or to be driven because of pressure.

Contentment results in peace and freedom. This peace keeps us from worry and anxiety; it is an anchor in the midst of difficulties. The freedom produced by contentment comes from not being entangled with possessions and not being driven to have more. Contentment allows us to reflect more and invest our lives into the lives of others, things that transcend the daily rat race of life.

Contentment leads to a life of peace and rest. Contentment helps me love God and people, not myself or things. Contentment is learned and based on knowing the grace of God.

“If biblical stewardship involves every facet of life, it requires a basic commitment on our part: We must present ourselves to God as His servants, with no conditions attached. The real issue of stewardship is whether we are administrating our affairs and possessions as though they are ours or as though they are God’s. The pattern of our lives is shaped by the decisions we make, and the greatest of these decisions is this: Am I the lord of my life, or is Christ the Lord of my life? Our answer to this question will determine how we manage the time, abilities, money, truth, and relationships God has placed under our care.” — Dr. Ken Boa

Think and pray
Do you ever feel unsettled in your spirit? Is there something you want, something you’re waiting for, or something you think you’ll never have? Jesus has given us freedom to be content and has given us all we will ever need – Himself!

Father, thank you for everything You have given me. Help me today as I seek contentment in everything I do. Amen.

Bruce Witt began his career in marketing for Shell Oil Company, then joined CBMC where he directed the U.S. field operations and authored several key curricula for the ministry, including the Operation Timothy spiritual development series. In 2008, Bruce formed Leadership Revolution in order to establish a process that would help leaders truly allow Christ to be their leader. You can find him at