Those who are righteous will be long remembered. – PSALM 112:6

I have always said that everyone should attend at least one funeral a year. I know that may sound morbid, and I certainly don't wish for anyone to experience the loss of a loved one, but funerals help us consider, even if only for a moment, what we will be remembered for. What will others say about me when I'm gone?

I attended the funeral of Kent Humphreys several years ago. Kent was beloved in our city and around the world, and he accomplished much in both business and ministry. The service was a celebration of his life, but I will never forget the eulogy his son Lance gave for his father.

Lance shared how one of his earliest memories was seeing how his father started each day. As a young boy, Lance would often wake early and head straight to the kitchen (as boys do). But every time he'd pass by his father's study, he'd see a light peeking out from under the door. His father was already awake, spending time with God - reading, praying, journaling.

Lance went on to describe how sometimes he would join his dad, crawl up in his lap and listen while he read out loud. Other times, he'd continue his course to the kitchen. But every time, he knew what was happening in that study. He always knew what was first in his father's life.

For all the impact and achievement his father accomplished, the legacy he left to his son and the rest of us who knew him was what happened every morning when the light was peeking from under the door.

How would you define legacy? Does your mind immediately go to accomplishments, things you've built, influence you've wielded, or wealth you've accumulated? Or will your legacy be your character, your kindness, your generosity, your humility, your priorities?

Think and pray

Jesus made it clear that all our efforts and achievements mean nothing if we are not abiding in Him. Is He the source of your your priorities, your attention, your to-do list? Do you start your day spending time with Him?

Father, draw me into Your lap today. I want be close to You, to feel Your heart and hear Your voice. Let my time with You be what directs my thoughts, words and actions in this day. Accomplish Your purposes through me, and let my life reflect the love You have shown me. Amen.

Brent Vawter serves as the Senior Area Director for CBMC in Oklahoma City. His life was forever impacted by a man who met with him every week to help him grow in his relationship with Christ and discern God’s purpose for his life. This is now Brent’s passion as well – helping others find the community and discipleship they need to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. You can reach him at