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“When we boast, we mention “I” and never “Him”. “Our plans” often become our god, and ultimately lead to disobedience and selfishness. Our accomplishments, work or vocation must be used to show other how God has shaped our lives, and how He guides our thoughts and actions. Humility in our personal and professional lives is the key attribute or habit that allows us to emulate Christ and to show others that His plans are all that matters.” – Ron Harris

On August 2, 1985, Ron Harris boarded Delta Flight 191 on a business trip back to Dallas, Tx. He never would anticipate the events that would occur that day. While approaching DFW International Airport, Flight 191 encountered a microbust and crashed one mile short of the runway. Ron is 1 of the 27 survivers on a flight with 152 passengers. Needless to say, Ron’s life and his perspective on life changed forever that day. In todays episode, Ron shares this incredible story, how he is reminded daily of Jesus’ presence in his life, and how his decisions and actions must reflect this profound event.

Ron Harris is a principal in CFO-Partner where he and his business partner, Rick Simpson, offer contract Chief Financial Officer services to small-to-medium size businesses; and merger and acquisition advisory services for those clients who wish to acquire businesses or to ultimately sell (or retire).

Ron received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma in 1981. His 40-year Oklahoma City career includes an accounting career as a CPA with KPMG, and he was the owner of an information technology company that he sold in 1998, and then joined CFO-Partner. Ron has served clients in almost all industries other than non-profit or government. Currently, Ron serves clients in the following industries: wholesale distribution, oil and gas, manufacturing, metal fabrication, commercial construction, plastic injection molding, biomedical, and pipeline and industrial pipe/valves.

Ron has served in numerous capacities as a Director, Board Member and Advisory Director for various organizations, including Wings; First Bank & Trust, Duncan, OK; Independence Charter Middle School; current Chairman of the Finance and Facilities Committee at Crossings Community Church, current Chairman of the Board for Wings, a non-profit serving the special needs adult community, and was a past Vice President and President of Quail Creek Golf and Country Club. He is a published author (Shear Grace by Ron Harris) and has served as a speaker at various church, business and community events.


Red Letter Business brings real, inspirational stories of men who are making an eternal impact on the lives of the people they work with, their neighbors, and families. Each episode will challenge you to think and act in a more intentional way, and experience first-hand how doing business in a Biblical way is just better business in the long run.

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