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We’ve all been there. At the end of our patience, BOOM! We explode and say something we will most likely regret very soon. Taming the tongue is one of the most difficult things for us, even Followers of Jesus, to master. Though we strive to tame the tongue, what we do when we fail is just as important. In today’s episode, Ross Hill shares a fascinating story about reconciliation and forgiveness after failing to tame his tongue in a staff meeting.

Ross Hill worked as a paper boy in grade school to buy baseball cards, in high school he worked in a sewage treatment plant to raise money for college. In college he worked as a ginny pig testing deodorant for Proctor and Gamble. As an adult he built America’s number one community bank based upon earnings in 2009, and number three in 2010. In retirement, he is building a dream God put in his heart in 1988, providing executive coaching to pastors. This thirty-three-year dream and decades of prayers are being answered by God Almighty.

Hill has successfully coached leaders for over three decades. His client consists of some high impact and successful leaders such as, one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking, a New York Best Selling Author, a World Class Pediatric Eye Surgeon, the Chief Executive of a Church Denomination as well as several Mega Church Pastorsand a two-time Olympic Gold Metal Champion and NCAA All American Football Player. Being a trusted advisor to many of America’s top leaders, coupled with 36 years as president and CEO of several top-rated community banks, Hill knows first-hand how difficult and lonely it can be at the top.

Ross wrote his first book “Broken Pieces – Nothing is Wasted,” an inspirational book designed to give hope and encouragement to everyone. Through a combination of real-life personal experiences, and those of friends, customer’s and acquaintances, he shares stories of truth learned over his life. His second book, “Fuel to Ignite Your SoulThe 40-Day Challenge” is his story of how he developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He personally guarantees the method will enhance your relationship with Jesus too. The book will be released in June 2022.

Hill speaks about 40 times a year, is a published author, trusted advisor, executive coach and the Founder of Tall Oaks Coaching a non-profit dedicated to coaching pastors. He also serves as Trustee of Mid-America Christian University and is a graduate of Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Contact Ross by visiting his website at


Red Letter Business brings real, inspirational stories of men who are making an eternal impact on the lives of the people they work with, their neighbors, and families. Each episode will challenge you to think and act in a more intentional way, and experience first-hand how doing business in a Biblical way is just better business in the long run.

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