Sun, Aug 07, 2022


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Catholic Charities

1232 N Classen Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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Join us on Sunday, August 7 for the Asian Community Peace walk. This is the third in a series of walks promoting compassion, peace, and unity in Oklahoma.

This event will celebrate the creativity, strength, beauty, and diversity of Oklahoma’s Asian community. We will hear stories about how various people groups came to Oklahoma and the ways they have impacted the community since they arrived. We will also spend time singing and praying for peace in our city, state, and nation. At the end of the walk, we will share a free meal together. Guests will have the unique opportunity to enjoy authentic food from the Asian community!

This month’s walk goes through the Asian District. Oklahoma City boasts one of the highest per capita Vietnamese populations in the entire United States. The Asian District would not exist if it wasn’t for God’s provision through the local church in our city welcoming families during the refugee crisis after the Vietnam War.

The Peace Walks are led by Christians and will include prayer, worship music, and scriptures. However, we warmly welcome our neighbors from other religious and non-religious backgrounds who care about promoting peace in our communities.

The event begins at Catholic Charities at 5 PM and ends at Our Lady’s Cathedral at 7 PM. We recommend carpooling and leaving one vehicle at the end location, which you can then drive back to the starting location. We will also have church vans available to shuttle people back to their cars, but it will take a long time if everybody uses the shuttle!

We will provide free signs for participants to carry while we walk. The signs say “Love Your Neighbor,” “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” and “Do Justice, Love Mercy.” We want to be unified in our messaging, so please don’t bring your own sign or banner to the event.

We are expecting hot weather. We will provide water bottles, and you might want to bring an umbrella that you can carry for shade.

For more information, visit

We look forward to seeing you there!


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