Introduction to Connect 3 Teams

Connect3 Teams offer a community of other businessmen who are intentional about growing in their faith and demonstrating it through the work they do each day. Teams meet weekly at locations across the state and include a time for getting to know each other, a group study and a time of prayer.

These teams are not the same as a mid-week Bible study. They offer a place for meaningful time in fellowship, prayer for those who do not yet know Christ, sharing of personal needs and hurts, and for exploring how to apply biblical principles at work and at home. Members grow together in unity and purpose even as they mature individually. These teams also make it easy for men to invite colleagues, family members and friends who need the support and influence of godly men in their lives.

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Looking For CBMC in other states?
Name Location When
Antojito's Thursday @ 7:00pm
Antojito's Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Jimmy's Egg - 7741 S Walker Ave, OKC Sunday @ 7:00am
Zoom Sunday @ 7:00am
IHOP - I-240 Service Rd and Santa Fe, OKC Wednesday @ 5:30am
MacArthur Associates Consultants (MAC) - 25 NW 146th St, Edmond Thursday @ 6:30am
Mon Abri Business Center - 2524 N Broadway, Edmond Thursday @ 6:30am
Beanstalk Coffee & Sno - 207 E Main St, Norman Tuesday @ 6:30am
ES2 - 13401 N Santa Fe Ave, OKC Monday @ 6:30am
Career Development Partners - 5200 S Yale, Ste 400, Tulsa Tuesday @ 6:30am
CEC Corporation - 4555 W Memorial Rd, OKC Thursday @ 6:30am
BancFirst Yukon - 2500 Cornwell Dr, Yukon Wednesday @ 6:30am
Pinkston Offices - 301 NW 13th St, Suite 102, OKC Thursday @ 6:30am

The purpose of these weekly teams is ​connection.​ Specifically, to ...

Connect men to God’s love and purpose for them

Connect men to brothers in the faith who will pray with, challenge, encourage and help one another

Connect men to the mission of representing Christ in the marketplace

The value of being in a Connect3 team

  • Be encouraged by meeting weekly with men who think and act like you do

  • Discover how to integrate your faith into your workplace in a manner that not only pleases God, but creates opportunities to share your faith with others

  • Learn how to engage a non-believing colleague in a conversation about the gospel

  • Get connected to a man who can challenge and help you personally, showing you also how to do the same for others

  • Connect with other businessmen who share and cultivate your passion for knowing God and becoming the person He designed you to be

Ready to Join?