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Personal Mentoring

This is not a curriculum or program, it’s a life-changing relationship.

Connect with a mentor committed to helping you grow as a Christian, businessman, son, and head of household.

CBMC’s Personal Mentoring is built on Christ’s call to “Go and make disciples.”

Personal mentoring participants meet regularly to fellowship and learn how to become more confident men of God. Each mentorship is tailored to its mentee’s goals and intended to challenge men to apply God’s word to every area of their life and business. Many mentors and mentees become lifelong friends and pillars in each other’s lives.

The primary objective in discipleship is to bring your disciple to the point of 'digging your own well' (to drink from the Word) and lose his dependence on you.

CBMC’s Christian discipleship process is a one-on-one mentoring relationship whereby one man draws alongside another to challenge, instruct, encourage and model how to apply the principles in God’s word to every area of life and business. It’s not a curriculum or program, but rather a process of helping someone know God more personally and understand His purpose for their life.


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