There’s a big difference between your calling and your career. A career is something you pick, but a calling is from the Lord. A career is about you and a calling is about others.

What God calls you to is a core part of your identity in God – so much so that he knew your calling and the company in which you would lead before the foundations of the world were even laid. Discovering your calling, then choosing daily to live into it, has way more to do with how you perform your occupation than what your occupation actually is.

For example, you might be a CEO with a calling that is different than the CEO down the street, and how you both choose to lead in your organization will look drastically different. What you can know for sure, however, is that the people in your organization will know the difference between when you are responding from who you were created to be and when you are living out of a false self.

We see in 1 Peter, that all of us have been given resources, gifts and talents to steward.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10 NIV

When you are walking in your calling, it becomes contagious!

Our late founder and leader, Rick Betenbough, gave us an incredible example of what it looks like to live out your calling. He engaged and equipped business leaders all around the world by sharing what God has done in his family’s business and was passionate about discovering and sharing what God is doing in businesses around the world. His calling made an impact on the globe – and it was contagious!

Be encouraged to walk in your calling — it never changes! Your job may change, but your calling stays the same. When you find purpose in your work and walk in your calling that God has for you, then you can walk alongside others to find their calling and purpose.

Think and pray:
Are you walking in your calling? Are you stewarding what God has placed in your hands?

The topic and information referenced in this blog are extracted from December’s Kingdom at Work Webinar on the topic “Calling vs. Career,” presented by Kingdom at Work manager, Amanda Bullen. You can watch the full webinar here.

Amanda Bullen is a manager at Kingdom at Work in Amarillo, TX. She has worked in various sectors, including teaching, coaching restaurant management, personal training, corporate operations and ministry. Her passion is developing teams with accountability and promoting a Kingdom perspective in all areas of life.